We Came Out Like Tigers Part Ways

We are sad to learn that We Came Out Like Tigers have decided to part ways after a four year career.

The Liverpool screamo group posted the following message on their facebook page yesterday.

“This is our eulogy. 
As of today, We Came Out Like Tigers is over. We have played together for what feels like a long time, since before we could play any instruments, before we had heard of any bands. Unfortunately, some serious life issues have caught up with us which means we can’t all go on together any more – so we decided we don’t want to go on at all. 
We wont pretend we had some big legacy, or much of an impact at all, so no last show, no self-indulgent send-off. This is only the end of We Came Out Like Tigers, nothing else. 
Fabian, Matthew, Ollie, Simon. 
“Play on brothers, play on.”
(New band soon.)”

They had a consistently strong discography including their latest and final record ‘Ever-Crushed at Pecket’s Well’, released earlier this year via Dog Knights Productions. We wish them all the best of luck.

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