Wars Premier New Video (‘Weathered Eyes’)

Last month up-and-coming Rugby hardcore band Wars debuted the first track from their upcoming ‘And So The Sea Will Claim Us All’ EP. Now having received a positive response from ‘Gambler’s Ruin’, the quintet have released the second song from the EP.

The track is called ‘Weathered Eyes’ is just as chaotic as its predecessor.

Vocalist Rob Vicars explains what the single is about:

“Weathered Eyes tackles the sense of inertia that comes from knowing you are a distorted reflection of your environment. You can only see things through a lens filtered by everything you have experienced, wrought with too much thinking; a realisation that leaves you feeling like a broken machine. It’s another example of the kind of personal subjects we want to talk about, and we’re super excited to be getting the song out there ahead of the EP launch.”

You can view the video for ‘Weathered Eyes’ below, and pick up ‘And So The Sea Will Claim Us All’ EP from May 18th.

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