The Place We Call Home: Faux

It’s a well-known fact that Southampton has a proud history of producing stellar musical talent. Names such as Bury Tomorrow, Creeper, Band of Skulls, and even Craig David, call the coastal city their home. While a variety of venues like the O2 Guildhall, The Joiners and The Talking Heads means there is always somewhere for an up-and-coming band to play. With all that being said, we’d like to introduce you to emerging Southampton quartet, Faux.

The self-proclaimed “dirty pop” four-piece have been winning fans over their blend of angular riffs, harmonious melodies and anthemic choruses. Their latest single, ‘Hot Headed’, sees Faux explore intricate instrumation while embracing their pop sensibilities.

Later this month, they will be leaving their hometown of Southampton to join Counterfeit. and Tigress for a run of UK shows. However, before they pack their bags and hit the road, we spoke to vocalist/guitarist Lee Male to talk about his local scene and the effect it has had on Faux.


The City:

“Southampton and our ever evolving music scene!”

Its People and Culture:

“This little boat sailed off from here once, called the Titanic! It was massive, you’ve probably heard of it from the 1912 German adventure-disaster movie ‘In Nacht Und Eis’ ("In night and ice” in English) staring Otto Rippert and Waldemar Hecker. After seeing this movie, it was written in to our curriculum for us all to have 7 swimming lessons a week so we no longer have time to study the English language.“

The Music It Inspires:

"I mean, one of my personal favourite’s from Southampton are Burn The Fleet. If you listen to their track, ‘Nautilus’ you will see how heavily influenced by this movie they (probably most definitely are not) were.”

The Local Music Scene:

“We are fortunate enough to have such an eclectic scene, we have everything from metal to pop, not only do we have those genre’s covered but they’re also excelling at them! ”

Its Most Famous Musical Sons and Daughters:

Craig David is my first selecta! – He is the OG R&B / garage MC, what more do I need to say?
Creeper – Although still in their infancy they really are pushing the boundaries of punk rock back in to the charts.
Bury Tomorrow – Brutal riffs and hard hitting lyrics which is exactly how metal should be right?
Signals – Math Rock has never sounded so pop! We like to think of them as our better looking more talented younger siblings.
Our Hollow Our Home – Just some mates currently kicking ass in the metal scene! Seriously check them out.
Miss Vincent – Punk Rock riffs with catchy melodic vocals!
Burn The Fleet – Big melodic anthems full of character and uncompromisingly heavy riffs. (R.I.P)

The Venues We Visited:

“The Joiners basically. If you’ve heard of Southampton and you like music then you have heard of The Joiners. It’s just the most honest and hard working venue around, always delivering a firm mixture of up and coming talent with world touring acts that make you think ‘how did they get these guys to play here?” It’s also rare to have such a small venue have incredible sound both on and off stage!“

The Venues We Played:

"I’d have to say The Joiners again. We have been given so many opportunities by The Joiners from local talent nights to supporting Tigers Jaw, Turnover, Foxing and even a festival slot on their stage at Common People festival. To say they have helped shape our band in to what it is now is an understatement.”

Faux links: Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Faux will be touring with Counterfeit. and Tigress on the following dates:

18 Key Club, Leeds
19 Academy 3, Manchester
20 O2 Academy 2, Newcastle
21 Stereo, Glasgow
22 Rock City Basement, Nottingham
23 O2 Academy 3, Birmingham
25 Fleece, Bristol
26 Underworld, London
28 Teddy Rocks Festival, Dorset*
28 Joiners, Southampton
29 Haunt, Brighton
*Faux only, not part of the Counterfeit. tour

Photo Credit: Martyna Wisniewska

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