TesseracT Detail New Album (’Polaris’)

Progressive act TesseracT have revealed details of their new album. The bands third album is titled ‘Polaris’ and will be released through Kscope on September 18th.

The band had this to say about the new record:

“TesseracT has been through a roller coaster of a ride since our first EP. We seemed to always have been filling the holes in our ship’s hull to stop this ship from sinking, as we raced around the world time and time again. Polaris, is a different scenario. The first chance for us as a group to stop and take stock of what we are right now, to explore a TesseracT of melody, dynamics, and singular focus. For the first time, too, we feel free from the bounds of genre specific expectations.”

1. Dystopia
2. Hexes
3. Survival
4. Tourniquet
5. Utopia
6. Phoenix
7. Messenger
8. Cages
9. Seven Names

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pnWkaZK1hA&w=100&h=420]

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