London based shoegazers Night Swimming took their name from vocalist Ashwin Bhandari growing up on R.E.M, as well as an unsubtle reference to how Jeff Buckley died. Underneath all of their hazy instrumentals and sonic escapism lies lyricism that deals with ongoing struggles of lack of self-esteem, chronic depression and frustration.

Following on from their sophomore EP ‘Blossom‘, these new set of singles produced by Tom Hill of Modern Rituals are a change in direction from the band’s lo-fi roots.

‘TV’ is a lethargic venture dealing with internal insecurities in relationships that you’re not good enough to be with someone, as well as the creeping realisation that getting fucked up in your 20’s won’t last forever.

‘Clean’ is an angry punk anthem about drug addiction and the barrier of mental health issues making even the simplest day to day tasks seem completely impossible.

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