On paper, progressive rockers Dream the Electric Sleep formed in 2009 yet the Kentucky trio’s origins begin in the year before. Matt Page and Joey Waters had spent several years playing together with little to no success. Nevertheless, in 2008 they decided to write and record an album together. With the aim of taking a new direction, Matt and Joey would release ‘The Giants’ Newground’ locally. The album soon landed in the hands of bassist Chris Tackett, who would then go on to join the then-unnamed band.

While ‘The Giants’ Newground’ spurred on what would become Dream the Electric Sleep, the album has been considered as “unreleased” for the best part of nine years. Having ideally moved forward during that time with three full-lengths to their name, the trio decided to revisit the record last summer. Now with a fresh lick of paint with re-tracked instrumentation being mixed with those original 2008 takes, Dream the Electric Sleep are now giving ‘The Giants’ Newground’ a full (10th anniversary) release.

Over the course of its 16 songs, DTES‘ blend of soaring vocals, beautiful harmonies, and tight percussion are wrapped in a compelling prog rock package. Whereas Page’s lyrics are inspired by Appalachian Jack tales he was told as a child. “They were these dark, old, mysterious stories that had a deep impact on my imagination. The stories always revolved around the main character, Jack, and his constant wandering and leaving,” explains the multi-instrumentalist. “That idea of drifting from place to place, living on the edge, constantly on the run, felt familiar to me when I was in my mid 20’s and it’s the reason I decided to use those stories as inspiration to write an album. It’s a modern re-telling of Jacks search for home, something I too was searching for. A place to find shelter from the storm of my life and mind.”

Ahead of ‘The Giants’ Newground”s release next Friday (18th May), we are premiering a song called ‘Black Ink’. Described by the band as “the halfway point” of the record, the lively track flourishes with fast fret play and urgent drum work while Page’s delivery captures the intensity of a vital moment in the album’s narration.

“It is a song about the loss of control in the midst of a chaotic moment, and ultimately leaving it all behind for a sense of safety – even if that safety means isolation and abandoning all one has worked for up to that point,” Matt tells us.

“I remember writing the opening riff with Joey and feeling like it had a tension that summed up that feeling of being ‘on the edge of something’. The whole album is a series of edges and a series of leaps. This song is an edge and a leap.”

‘The Giants’ Newground’ by Dream the Electric Sleep is released on 18th May on 7Hz Productions (ADA).

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