Review: Youth Killed It – Modern Bollotics

Norfolk’s Youth Killed It have stormed the UK’s indie-pop scene since their 2016 birth, picking up a legion of dedicated followers in the process. Now they’ve joined forces with titans Rude Records to unleash debut album, ‘Modern Bollotics’.

Those familiar with the band will have heard some of these songs via YKI’s debut EPs, but when combined and added to, they create a cohesive, socially aware and formidable album. Opener ’(Jean-Claud) Van Mann’ introduces a rich tapestry of 90’s Brit Pop guitars and a vocal style born straight out of a lad culture clearly drawn upon throughout. ‘Popstar’ follows in the same vein and ‘Lads in Love’ showcases their sheer talent for painting a picture of life as a twenty-something stuck out in the countryside where, in Murphy’s own words, “the world ends”.

Recent single, ‘What Happened’ is the real gem here. Built around nostalgia, this is a catchy and relevant ode to growing up. As with most of ‘Modern Bollotics’, this is relatable in a cheeky, rousing way. The same can be said for ‘Job Back’, a tale of the troubles of employment, and the brilliant ‘Molly’, a love song directed at Murphy’s cat.

Lyrically this album is sublime. Literal yet completely on point, Murphy sneaks in countless references to naughties pop culture, PS2s and Rock Bottoms, all delivered in a style similar to Arctic Monkeys and The Courteeners. Murphy is the first to admit he is not the most gifted singer, even apologising for the fact in the go-home track ‘Thanks For Coming’, but he shows an unrivalled passion in what the band stand for and this is more than enough to compensate.

In a world where things get too serious too often, Youth Killed It’s particular brand of tongue-in-cheek social commentary is a breath of fresh air. ‘Modern Bollitics’ is the soundtrack for your summer. These are the songs that once heard you, will be singing for months.


‘Modern Bollotics’ by Youth Killed It is released on 12th May on Rude Records.

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Words by Jay Harrison (@Just_Jay_89)

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