Review: You Blew It! – Abendrot

I think it’s safe to say the “emo revival” tag that’s been following the likes of You Blew It! is a thing of the past as those part of it continue to show longevity. This is You Blew It!’s third full-length following the acclaimed ‘Keep Doing What You’re Doing’. Having laid down a favourable, emo-heavy base previously, ‘Abendrot’ gives YBI the opportunity to expand their sound, while lyrically growing with their audience.

Undoubtedly it proves to be a more considered effort with vocalist Tanner Jones’ mental health providing the lyrical core, as he reflects on growing older (‘Minorwye’) and accepting change (‘Sundial Song’). It gives the album a darker tone with ‘Autotheology’ serving as the album centrepiece. Its distant build to an intense, fuzz-laden chorus highlights the band’s new layered approach. While Jones’ declaration of “when God dies, I’ll skip the funeral” is certainly striking.

Stylistically YBI border on the line of indie rock and emo with ease. ‘Forecasting’ is a subtly stirring highlight while the aforementioned ‘Minorwye’ refrains from providing the explosive conclusion you’d expect. Elsewhere ‘Greenwood’ wouldn’t sound out of place on one of producer Evan Weiss’ Into It Over It records; well-paced and textured. ‘Canary’ is balanced out by striking guitars and a laid back chorus line of “every day in bloom”. Penultimate track ‘Basin & Range’ echoes Death Cab for Cutie’s late 2000’s best with its earthly tone.

Despite how layered and lyrically intriguing ‘Abendrot’ is, after a handful of listens it gradually moulds into one. Admittedly over the course of 37 minutes, it flows at a pleasing pace but it ultimately suffers from offering memorable moments. Each track has been tweaked to perfection, allowing the album to flow with ease, yet frustratingly doesn’t leave a lasting impression.

You Blew It! have all the makings of delivering a substantial indie/emo record. However ‘Abendrot’ is a minor stepping stone towards that.


‘Abendrot’ by You Blew It! is released on November 11th via Big Scary Monsters/Triple Crown Records.

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Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)

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