Review: worlds greatest dad – get well soon

Like it or not, we’ve all got our faults yet we manage them in different ways. Some of us live in denial. Some let theirs weigh them down. While others accept, even embrace, them. On ‘get well soon’, it’s the latter that worlds greatest dad’s Maddy Duncan aims to convey. Through a set of addictive, hooky indie-punk songs, she does just that as she provides a direct and honest personal insight.

From the opening lines of ‘new recording 3’, there is a vulnerability in Duncan’s words. “I’ll just sit on the sidelines, remember a time when you were all mine,” she sings while realising being with someone is more damaging than being alone. It is this self-awareness that threads ‘get well soon’ together. ‘laughing (while you’re smiling)’ focuses on Duncan trying to put her faults aside so she can enjoy being in love. Complimented by ringing guitars and well-executed pop sensibility, it’s one of many highlights here.

From apologising for being lazy (see ‘cough’) to confronting her self-destructive nature (‘song for mogis’) to becoming disinterested in former interests as she becomes older (‘dad jeans’), Duncan and company leave you compelled with her personal yet relatable lyrics. “I wanna feel emotions the way I did when it was “fuck everything, I’m 17,” she states on ‘Motions’.

Stylistically, ‘get well soon’ is both joyful and emotive in equal measure. Duncan’s tales of low esteem, substance abuse, etc hit you straight in the heart, yet their lively, poppy exterior makes you sing back every chorus. For example, ‘better off dead’ radiates as Maddy aims to improve herself. While ‘healthy living’ is a burst of jangly punk with a rumbling undertone. The aforementioned ‘cough’ and ‘dad jeans’ alongside ‘asshole song’ show the four-piece know how to execute an effective chorus.

Through its smart, relatable and honest songwriting and upbeat musicianship, worlds greatest dad have delivered a superb debut full-length. It’s one of those records that you’ll helplessly be playing on repeat for weeks.


‘get well soon’ by worlds greatest dad is released on 11th May on Deep Rest Records.

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Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)

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