Review: wars – And So The Sea Will Claim Us All

wars - And So The Sea Will Claim Us All EPAlthough the crest of their wave lies on the distant horizon, wars’ debut EP makes a veritable ripple in the turbulent ocean of melodic hardcore.

It seems the Rugby bruisers have accomplished the impossible – in less than a year, wars have already secured a supporting slot for Bury Tomorrow and self-released their debut EP. This impressive progress doesn’t come unsolicited, and their debut proves this rapid success boils down to their undeniable dedication to their genre.

Strikingly heavy with an impressive leading line, opener ‘Gamblers Ruin’ strategically conflicts heartfelt cleans versus gut-wrenching screams. With characteristically relentless energy, wars swear an oath to deliver menacing rage at every turn.

Disillusioned and forthright, ‘Eight On The Balantine Scale’ pours hardcore vengeance into every note, traversing tricky fretwork and Lee Tysall’s masterful drums. “We are the broken machines,” chants vocalist Rob Vicars through the unrepentant rage of ‘Weathered Eyes’, amid heartfelt cries for help and a punishing riff.

Beautifully melodic and crushing in its vocalisation of mental torment, ‘The Leviathan and the Liar’ is hell-bent on breaking floorboards and raising roofs. The EP’s only downfall lies in its inconsequential instrumental ’00:01’. Although a quaint atmospheric scene-setter to close on, this should probably have been first on the track list, despite how little it adds to the final product as a whole no matter where it’s placed.

With each track donning its own mask and cape, ‘And So The Sea Will Claim Us All’ presents the consummate talent of five lads at the starting line of a career set to shake hardcore at its foundations.


’And So The Sea Will Claim Us All’ EP by wars is out now.

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Words by Ali Cooper (@AliZombie_)


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