Review: The Superweaks – Better Heavens

There’s a distinctively bittersweet air to the powerful fuzz of The Superweaks on sophomore record, ‘Better Heavens’. The untimely death of bass player Corey Bernard, brother to singer/guitarist Evan, adds an emotional resonance to their brand of melodic indie rock on what proves to be an extremely likeable album.

The band follow a basic template of two and half minute catchy as hell songs, driven by distorted guitars, the occasional quirky synth and that distinctly American college dirtbag feel. So, although they aren’t at the vanguard of some groundbreaking movement, they have honed their songs to perfection and deliver their hooks with a certain laid-back charm.

The good old fashioned power-pop of ‘Paralyzed’ makes for an irresistible opener, while the driving title track encapsulates what they are all about with a catchy melody and a heartfelt punkiness. They certainly know their way around a tune as they deliver many a killer chorus; the harsher ‘Glowing’ and the slightly downbeat ‘Sooner or Later’ really nailing it.

Despite their knack for a killer melody, they still also know how to rock a fuzzy sounding guitar with some grungy riffing on ‘Run Away’ and the dark emotion of ‘Heavy Dreams’. Then there’s the punk desperation of ‘No Future’ and the rocky ‘Come Home’, which is a particularly cool track.

There are a lot of very likeable songs on here, like the largely a ‘capella ‘Diamond Mind’, but it’s the closing track that steals the show. ‘Junkie’s Gone’ starts out as a fairly ordinary mid paced pop rocker, but its powerful melody grows into a motif that drives an extended instrumental section to close things out in fine style.

On the whole, this is a highly enjoyable collection of quality heartfelt American pop melodies and dirty sounding riffs that are well worth checking out.


‘Better Heavens’ by The Superweaks is out on November 4th on Lame-O Records.

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Words by Edward Layland (@EdwardLayland)

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