Review: The One Hundred – Chaos + Bliss

The One Hundred are by no means a “new” band. They have toured with some of the UK’s premiere acts slowly crafting a name for themselves with consistent performances, something that will peak interest in ‘Chaos + Bliss’, the band’s long-awaited debut studio album.

It’s hard to label TOH. They blend grime and metal seamlessly to create a sound akin to Bring Me and Shikari in what some might describe as “new nu-metal”. They also have massive chops and riffs to boot as demonstrated in album openers ‘Dreamcatcher’ and single ‘Monster’.

With the band aided by massive synth and sample work, the real shining light here is in the ability of vocalist Jacob Field. He can shift gears in a split second, transitioning from rapped lines to shouts full of attack. It’s easy to think that there is two vocalist here with a massive disposition between techniques, but all are delivered with true talent.

As ‘Disengage’ hits, that’s exactly what The One Hundred risk as things begin to sound a little formulaic. This still kills but growth is needed to keep ‘Chaos + Bliss’ on track. Thankfully with the arrival of the haunting ‘Dark Matters’ and treated female vocals of ‘Boomtown,’ TOH succeed in pulling things back from the edge in. This allows things to climb to the crescendo that is ‘Chaos + Bliss’ and ‘Feast’. Ominous, biting riffs drive things to a powerful close leaving on a 90’s R’n’B filled high. These highs feature throughout but there are sections that risk this promising album becoming underwhelming, that’s something to be avoided at all costs.

Although a long time coming, ‘Chaos + Bliss’ is exactly that, chaotic, hard-hitting, with moments of pure bliss. A steady debut, TOH have created an introduction to one of the hardest working bands in the UK but the ceiling still hasn’t been reached. With a second album sure to follow, The One Hundred have some work to do but they are no stranger to reaping the fruits of their labour.


‘Chaos + Bliss’ by The One Hundred is out now on Spinefarm Records.

The One Hundred links: Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Words by Jay Harrison @Just_Jay_89)


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