Review: The Interbeing – Among the Amorphous

Copenhagen’s The Interbeing describe their musical sound as an amalgamation of ‘Modern Industrial Metal and Electronica’, which they have dubbed ‘Futuristic Metal.’ Though the fusing of these two genres hardly feels futuristic, their interest in a distant future and the destruction it may bring has been a focus in their songwriting, as first captured on their groove-laden debut record ‘Edge of the Obscure’.

Follow-up ‘Among the Amorphous’ continues this dystopian theme with a fleet of hulking melodic metal riffs and pulsing electronic melodies that sound like they were created by the Robot Overlords themselves. It’s a dynamic and ambitious follow-up, promptly demonstrated from the cataclysmic mash of sounds that ignite opener ‘Spiral Into Existence’, where titanium grooves are complemented by techno synthesisers that burst into life, like the effect of receiving an adrenaline jab.

‘Among the Amorphous’ also boasts an immersive sonic delivery. Producer Jonas Haagensen manages to use a wide expanse of different textures and soundscapes, from the electronic pulses of ‘Purge the Deviant’ and ‘Pinnacle of the Strain’ to the orchestral undertones of lead single ‘Sins of the Mechanical’, an array of subtle additives exist on this album that repeat listens will bring out.

The only area where ‘Among the Amorphous’ fails to achieve the massive sound it aims for is in a lot of the choruses which, while well-written, feel under-performed by frontman Dara Corcoran, who switches between growling and Mike Patton-esque whispering throughout the record. Sadly, his singing voice feels under-developed and hinders the full impact of the choruses here.

However, this is but one flaw on an otherwise solid album. The Interbeing have crafted a piece of work that shines with an ambition and grandeur that fuels the best tech-metal records, but also packs enough hooks and swagger for metal fans with a mainstream ear to revel over. And if sinister soundscapes and planetary dystopia is what defines ‘Futuristic Metal’, ‘Among the Amorphous’ is a glimpse into what the future holds for us.


‘Among the Amorphous’ by The Interbeing is out now on Long Branch Records.

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Words by Andy Davidson (@AndyrfDavidson)

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