Review: Sine Cura – I Am Growing, Honestly EP

McAllen, Texas emo band, Sine Cura look to make a big impression with their debut EP ‘I am Growing, Honestly’. The South Texans combine emotional punk, 90’s grunge, alternative early-emo and fast paced pop-punk to create a collection of songs about heartbreak and growing up. The result leads to a collection of preppy punk-infused tracks that sound like they have been pulled directly from the American Pie soundtrack.

Opening track ‘Drive’ provides a false sense of security as a slow intro breaks out into a punchy punk anthem with an addictively catchy chorus. Vocalist Ryan Taylor Bluhm effortlessly rolls his voice over the track, his accent adding an extra touch of charm.

‘Growing Pains’ gives off anearly Jimmy Eat World vibe, bringing a classic emo punk feel to the EP. Musically it sees Sine Cura at their most impressive, with a funky guitar riff breaking up the transition from verse to chorus. However, one of the main attractions it offers is the emo-punk tradition, the chant (“buy flowers, let them die, buy flowers again”). This simple chant encapsulates the band ,and places them on the music map as an outift to watch.

Just as every other band in the genre before them, Sine Cura have the token heartfelt acoustic track – ‘Headache Remedy’. The stripped back number perfectly captures young love, building dramatically to a heavy conclusion. They save the best until last as closer ‘La Luna’ is the standout track; a powerful journey that keeps building into an aggressive clashing of guitars and cymbals before slowing down, ending the release on an emotional high.

‘I am Growing, Honestly’ may be a standard, energetic pop-punk packed EP, but its one that impressively encapsulates some beautiful lyrics and riffs. Here Sine Cura have shown a glimpse of how talented they are despite still being in their early days as a band.


‘I Am Growing, Honestly’ EP by Sine Cura is released on 4th August on Standby Records.

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Words by Becky Mahon.

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