Review: Pillow Queens – State of The State EP

With their new EP ‘State of The State’, Irish quartet Pillows Queens are making a bid to be the hot new indie act on the scene. After arriving over a year ago with their first EP ’Calm Girls’, this second outing is tied together with sunny, twangy guitars and intimate lyrics, all working together with the beautiful vocals of all four girls.

‘State of The State’ immediately gives you an idea of who Pillow Queens are, with clear influences from the outset. Opener ‘Puppets’ features solid songwriting alongside a refreshingly wry tone, with lyrics like “Don’t think a smaller me would be too impressed”making it fairly apparent where it’s title came from.

‘Favourite’ stands out with due to its more commercial appeal, but that’s not to say it’s not a great song in its own right. It comes across as catchy and lovable on a basic level, while surrounded by Haim- inspired harmonies and a rough underground indie-rock sound, with even some unexpected guitar solos. Arguably the EP shines best when at its most poignant, such as when lead singer Sarah Corcoran begs “next time you’re leaving, say goodbye”, portraying a hint of sadness that works so well.

The EP takes a turn on ‘Cuckoo’ and ‘Ragin’’, courtesy of some slick minor chords that make all the difference.

The range of tones squeezed into these four songs is quite remarkable, if a little distracting. Even so, the EP still feels consistent, thanks to smooth production and talented instrumentation. More than anything, ‘State of The State’ is a perfect snapshot of who Pillow Queens are and how brilliant they could become. With their 70’s-esque feel and attractive group dynamic, it seems inevitable they’ll win over plenty of admirers.


‘State of The State’ by Pillow Queens is released on 16th March on Specialist Subject Records.

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Words by Sarah Shodipe (@charismaqueen)

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