Review: Parachute For Gordo – Possibility of Not

Hampshire-based experimental trio Parachute For Gordo return with their third album, ‘Possibility Of Not’, a collection of six epic soundscapes taking in flavours of shoegaze, prog, punk, math and post-rock. The result is something entirely original and captivating right from the first listen.

Opener ‘Jellied Eels’ is a slow burning instrumental post-rock number, gradually building to a crescendo of heavy dub guitars and effects, swirling bass and a solid rock groove keeping it all together – think Mogwai meets De Facto. ‘Anemone To The Manatee’ is a more traditional arrangement – the presence of vocals and a delightful guitar hook throughout the first section provide the perfect set-up for the instrumental middle, with guitar work that is reminiscent of bands like Youthmovies and Foals. It ends with a stunning wig-out that is up there with vintage Mars Volta.

‘Wallet Moth’ is more laid-back, another instrumental opus introducing the first nod towards the band’s penchant for electronica. This continues in ‘Gopher The Throat’, with delayed guitar licks played over a processed beat before the real drums kick in alongside more industrial noise effects – it’s a bold set of ideas clearly inspired by a broad spectrum of musical styles and tastes, but it really works.

‘Cornholio Slaps The Goose’ is a fun riff-based tune built on a great platform of grooving bass and tight drumming. Oddly, the intro does kind of sound like I imagine a goose being slapped would.

Closer ‘Put Your Hands Up If You Like Sloths’ starts with a wall of noise, effects and feedback before delivering the best eight and a half minutes of off-kilter, clever and interesting experimental rock I’ve heard in a long time. It’s easily the album’s highlight and offers a demonstration of all their ideas going into the collective pot.

It may only be six tracks, but at 35 minutes, ‘Possibility Of Not’ has got more to say than some bands do in three albums.


‘Possibility of Not’ by Parachute For Gordo is released on 13th March on Rose Coloured Records.

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Words by Adam Lewis (@adamlew86)

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