Review: Ohhms – The Fool

Progressive metal has taken on many different forms over the years and some have been much more palatable than others. The brand of noise that Ohhms produce is on the ‘bang your head until it falls off’ end of that spectrum. Taking influence from all corners of doom, stoner and groove, the band riff their way through nearly of music on ‘The Fool’ and make it look easy.

Be warned, this isn’t the sort of album you can just dip into whenever you see fit. This is a record where you have to absorb every element. Sit down and focus rather than enjoy just in passing. Take in all the layers and little intricacies and see past the pummeling guitar that holds it all together. Let every down-tuned moment ripple through your body like a bolt of lightening. If given the right care and attention, ‘The Fool’ stops being just music and instead takes you on a journey that transcends time, space and everything in between.

‘The Magician’ swaps between downtrodden and devilish while ‘The Hanged Man’ injects a touch of ambience into Ohhms face-melting assault, and 21-minute closer ‘The Hieroglyph’ sees things out in fittingly devastating and soulful fashion. It’s tiring, indulgent and more than anything completely captivating.

The long and short of it is ‘The Fool’ is an absolute behemoth of an album. Less six separate tracks and more one gargantuan slab of forward thinking, otherworldly songwriting that will shake you to the core and ensnare every one of your senses. It will take some time to get your head around the grandeur of it all, but once you let Ohhms stick their claws in, the rewards you will reap are absolutely endless.


‘The Fool’ by Ohhms is released on 31st March on Holy Roar Records.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)

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