Review: No Thank You – Jump Ship

Lame-O’s reputation for unearthing quality indie/pop/rock shows little sign of abating, and after a stellar 2016 that included Hurry’s spectacularly good ‘Guided Medication’, the Philadelphia-based label have once again struck gold with No Thank You’s ‘Jump Ship’.

Driven by Kaytee Della Monica’s vocals and whip-smart lyrics, ‘Jump Ship’ is an intensely personal record, offering an insight into Della Monica’s private musings and anxieties. Yet it also has an element of fun and wonder about it; the dizzying indie-rock of lead single ‘Juicy J’, for example is a cascading and tumultuous pop gem, reminiscent of the likes of Rainer Maria and Sky Larkin.

But this is only one side of No Thank You’s rich sound. While twisted pop songs come thick and fast; the stream of consciousness disquiet of ‘The Unbearable Purposelessness of Being’ and the juddering ‘Serenity Song’, there’s also remarkable delicateness on the ethereal ‘Eyeballs’ and sparse ‘Old News’.

The juxtaposition between fizzing indie pop and achingly gorgeous mood music isn’t the easiest of bedfellows, yet No Thank You manage the two deftly, with Della Monica’s vocals perfectly suited to both – powerful and driving on the brooding ‘Cold’ and hushed and melancholic on ‘Bad @ Love Songs’.

If there’s one complaint, I just wish there was more of it. ‘Jump Ship’ is only 8 songs long – and only one of those breaks the 3 minute mark. As result, it feels somewhat abridged, and while it may be churlish to demand more, it’s just not quite satisfying enough on a single play through. That said, its brevity does lend itself nicely to repeated listens – and that’s something you’ll certainly want to do.


’Jump Ship’ by No Thank You is released on 24th February on Lame-O Records.

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Words by Rob Mair (@BobNightMair)

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