Review: Nervus – Permanent Rainbow

Unless you live under a rock, Nervus will be a name you have slowly but surely become more familiar with. Unashamedly outspoken and deliciously infectious, the Watford-based band have been leaking snippets of material and making a name for themselves online over the last few months while leading up to the release of their debut full-length ‘Permanent Rainbow’. It’s a relief to say that the wait has been just about worth it.

The biggest pull that Nervus have is the unrelenting honesty and, at times, uncomfortably relatable subject matter that they inject into their music. Vocalist Em Foster leaves nothing behind as they spill their guts all over the ten sunshine speckled jams that make up ‘Permanent Rainbow’.

Like Alkaline Trio if they had the whole Deep Elm Records discography on their iPod, the band’s deceiving lovely sound leaves as much of a bitter taste on the tongue as it does warm the soul. ‘Oh Joy’ jangles beautifully with vibrant chords despite it’s ugly undertones, ‘Skipping Needle’ quirks with jolts of early emo energy while the gorgeous ‘Glass’ feels like a ray of light through a raincloud. Though the mix at moments falls a tad flat, that doesn’t take away what a brave, intriguing and sentimental record Nervus have put together. To push your limits in such a unique and joyous way while also fighting your demons is something to be commended and makes the sweet victories of the album that little bit sweeter.

‘Permanent Rainbow’ is certainly an intriguing little record. A delicate flower that is not afraid to bare its battered and bruised petals. Nervus have put together a collection of songs that will help just as many as they entertain. With seemingly more hidden up their sleeve, this feels like the start of a journey that’ll be a pleasure to be a part of.


‘Permanent Rainbow’ by Nervus is released on November 4th on Venn Records.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)

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