Review: Lower Than Atlantis – Safe In Sound

Review: Lower Than Atlantis – Safe In Sound

Lower Than Atlantis took a massive step into the limelight with their self-titled album introducing a change in sound that is both polished and undeniably catchy. Now, ‘Safe In Sound’ looks to continue their meteoric rise to superstardom in what feels like their most important release to date.

With four songs from ‘Safe In Sound’ already in circulation, Mike Duce and company have given a good idea of the direction for this album straight off of the bat. Opener ‘Had Enough’ showcases their trademark sound with catchy, memorable riffs, with a little bit of AC/DC-esque intricacies thrown in. ‘Dumb’ follows much in the same vain, again decorated with clear musical ability. ‘Long Time Coming’ and ‘Could Be Worse’ are riff driven monsters, layered to perfection and complimented heavily by Duce’s individual and instantly recognisable vocal tone.

The recently released ‘Boomerang’ is the dark horse here. Synths, sub bass, in fact a completely different approach entirely from anything Lower have done on this album or any other. Although a curveball, this could be one of the catchiest moments on this record. Something fresh and exciting from a band usually more than comfortable with exploiting a sound that has seen them rise above their contemporaries.

Comfortable does not mean Lower Than Atlantis have stopped trying. pushing the ideas touched upon in their previous release to build a more clear and concise effort. Although Duce’s lyrics at times can be steeped in clichés, he really knows how to write a hook. Just one listen to ‘Work For It’ will have you singing along as loud as you can.

‘Safe In Sound’ is exactly that, the safe option. That does not mean that this is not good, in fact it’s the complete opposite. Lower Than Atlantis have engineered something destined for the airwaves and with it produced a near flawless album. Lower Than Atlantis could just be the brightest star the UK rock scene has to offer.


‘Safe In Sound’ by Lower Than Atlantis is released on 3rd February on Easy Life Records / Red Essential.

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Words by Jay Harrison (@Just_Jay_89)

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