Review: Lorna Shore – Flesh Coffin

Deathcore finds itself in an interesting place in 2017. The Suicide Silence and Thy Art Is Murder ‘beef’ over the former abandoning the genre, while the latter takes a far more traditional path, leaves the door wide open for new names to breathe life into a stagnation plagued scene. One band that might fit this bill are U.S. harbingers of heavy Lorna Shore. On the cusp of releasing their second album ‘Flesh Coffin’, could they be the solution to the genre’s ever-shrinking echo chamber?

Within its first few minutes, it is clear that we are in the hands of some gifted players. Like much of ‘Flesh Coffin’’s ten tracks, opening salvo ‘Offering Of Fire’ is overflowing with blistering speed and technicality. Primarily stickinging to the genre’s most ubiquitous tropes, each track is ablaze with blast beats, slow-motion chugs, and a liberal dose of tremolo and sweep-picked lead guitars.

In addition to this, there is also a black metal iciness flowing through the record’s veins, and while this is nothing new, it compliments vocalist Tom Barber’s Black Dahlia Murder-esque shrieks well. A convincing presence for the most part, it is unfortunate that Barber rarely strays from the done-to-death high/low scream formula, as his powerful but underused mid-range brings some much needed aggro to the likes of ‘Desolate Veil’.

As you explore the album further, it becomes clear that this is unlikely to be the album to be the shot in the arm deathcore sorely needs, and for all its competency, Lorna Shore appear quite happy to preach to the converted on ‘Flesh Coffin’. For deathcore fans looking to add to their collection, there’s plenty to enjoy here, as each blast, breakdown and guitar lead is delivered with clinical precision. However, if you’re looking to be challenged by the genre in any way, this unlikely to be the gamechanger you’ve been waiting for.


‘Flesh Coffin’ by Lorna Shore is out released on 17th February on Outerloop Records.

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Words by Josh Graham (@jollyboyjosh_)

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