Review: Kilkovec – Plunge EP

With Funeral For A Friend’s position atop the British post-hardcore ladder still unclaimed, the challenge for any new bands eager to take their place becomes fighting the competition. And with acts like Cold Summer and Hunter Kill Hunter already establishing themselves as real contenders, it’ll take something really special to blast through the competition tod take the top spot. Kilkovec aren’t that band, but new EP ‘Plunge’ at least puts them in the fray.

It’s nothing really major that’s keeping them from greatness either. As is often the case with new bands, the production balance is a bit skewed and leaves the vocals sounding a bit thin. Although they clearly subscribe to the idea of the gritty yet melodic rock of FFAF, Hundred Reasons et al, it can feel as though Kilovec are treading on ground that’s already been trampled many times before.

Though saying that, with a bit of honing in the songwriting department, the trio could be capable of something quite potent. The seeds are already there in the slightly off-kilter melodies of ‘Somerset Cottage’, and when they break out the big guns with ‘Here’s To You’, the EP’s hook-laden standout, they’ve clearly got the first real banger in their arsenal ready to be unleashed.

It’s clear from ‘Plunge’ that bigger things lay on the horizon for Kilkovec. For now the usual hurdles of being a new band are still ahead, but there’s the talent and potential on display here to see them through. A band to keep an eye on then.


‘Plunge’ EP by Kilkovec released on 27th January.

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Words by Luke Nuttall(@nuttall_luke)

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