Review: Isotopes -1994 World Series Champions

One thing is for sure, and that is how much Isotopes bloody love baseball. But don’t write this off as a novelty record written for the sake of getting a laugh out of a few in-the-know punters. What the band have done is combine their love for the sport and punk-rock and make it enjoyable for everyone. At times, rather rockabilly in delivery but with a bit of early Green Day stirred in, the loveliness of ‘Rochelle Rochelle’ and the infectiously poppy ‘Indian Summer’ help to get feet tapping and heads nodding, while closer ‘Sandlot Party’ sees the band at their nostalgic and creative best with party-starting beats and ear-niggling grooves.

This isn’t a record or band that exist for the judgmental or facetious music fans. This is nothing more than good times, strong drinks and home runs in 10 quick fire portions. There isn’t enough time for the theme to get tiresome, and there are enough summer vibes for it to not even matter if it does. This is punk rock at its most playful and easy going, and no level bad vibes can change that.

‘1994 World Series Champions’ is so much fun it’s silly, and if you don’t agree, you need to stop being such a bore. Guaranteed to raise a smile even if you don’t have an interest in baseball in the slightest, Isotopes have pulled out 20 minutes of easy to digest punk-rock with a hefty dollop of good time swag thrown in for good measure. With enough references to get the diehard pitch head’s hearts racing, while also dealing out enough delicious hooks to get everyone else grooving, this is an album made for sunny days and stupid nights. Stick it on the playlist immediately.


‘1994 World Series Champions’ by Isotopes is released on 14th April on Destiny (UK/EU) / Stomp Records (CA/US).

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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