Review: InVisions – Never Nothing

Where some bands take the route of releasing a couple of EP’s before unleashing a full-length, York metalcore upstarts InVisions have grabbed their probably black trunks and jumped in at the deep end by delivering an album straight from the off. ‘Never Nothing’ sees the quartet putting all their eggs in one basket, as this debut effort is a hybrid of the wave of adrenaline-fuelled metalcore we’ve seen in recent years. Throughout there are stylistic nods to Asking Alexandria, (early) Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive, Miss May I and more.

‘Torment’ opens proceedings and sets the template for what’s to come; intense, ferocious with underpinned slick production quirks. ‘Turn Up’ thrives on dense guitars and an energetic chorus while Ben Ville’s blend of rapid screams and brooding growls shows his vocal range early on. ‘For What It’s Worth’ keeps the momentum going with its monstrous guitars. While ‘The Damaged Ones’ roars with angst as Ville viscously demands “put your middle finger up and tell the world to get fucked!”

At 40+ minutes long, the heavy amount of chugging guitars, expected breakdowns, lyrical debauchery and, to an extent, lack of originality means ‘Never Nothing’ can be a demanding listen. Although songs such as ‘Soul Seeker’ and ‘Hate Me (Forsake Me)’ keep things ticking along due to the band’s in-your-face energy and the occasional melodic chorus.

However, it’s a pair of late highlights that prevents the album from crawling over the finishing line. ‘Purge’ is a burgeoning metalcore blast, before penultimate track, ‘Faith In Another’ is carried by a huge chorus with instrumentation to match. Unfortunately, ‘Illusionist’ ends things on a sour note. While its pounding tempo is complemented by Ville’s wide range, the use of unwanted misogynistic lyrics such as “suck it, princess” leaves a distasteful final impression.

For all its faults, InVisions have delivered a promising record that ticks off several requirements; confrontational, intense, ruthless, and the occasional hook.


‘Never Nothing’ by InVisions is out now.

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Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)

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