Review: Fangclub – Coma Happy EP

Fangclub are a band that may have slipped under your radar. A name that, due to some heavy social media promotion, you may recognise. One thing’s for certain, this Dublin three piece are poised to take a powerful swing at the UK punk, rock and grunge scene and if the heavy right that is ‘Coma Happy’ hits the mark, Fangclub could find themselves having their hand raised as king’s among men.

This is their second EP to come out in just six months, offering a further introduction to Fangclub’s trademark 90’s grunge sound. There seems to have been a resurgence in this style of late but here are a band that, given the right platform, could lead the charge. In the midst of a block of dates supporting Scottish hook monsters Twin Atlantic, exposure is not an issue, but will this new collection of songs match that of May’s critically acclaimed ‘Bullet Head’?

The opening to ‘Dreamcatcher’ screams a resounding yes. This is contagious, raunchy and damn right explosive stuff right out of the gate. Nirvana-esque guitar and hook filled vocals build a sound that is far from complex but full of heart. Riffs like that of ‘Follow’ risk sounding tired but when presented in this way, feel almost brand new. Lyrically, again, themes may seem like they’ve been done before but this whole EP is represented cleverly in its execution and production. ‘Inside Joke’, with its dark sounding melody and heavily overdriven bass and ‘Coma Happy’, the closest to a ballad you’re gonna get, complete the EP nicely.

A four-track release is always a fickle thing but this nails it in all the right places, much the same as ‘Bullet Head’ did. It begs the question though, have Fangclub blown all they have to offer over these efforts? Only a full-length and time will tell. For now the band can only march onwards and upwards. Forget promise, ‘Coma Happy’ slays already.


‘Coma Happy’ by Fangclub is released on 18th November on Vertigo.

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Words by Jay Harrison (@Just_Jay_89)

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