Review: Energy – Apparition Sound

Opening with a song titled ‘Renascentia’, Latin for rebirth, suggests that melodic punk rockers Energy are set on using new record ‘Apparition Sound’ as something of a reboot. However, despite later boasting the bite that their name suggests, this record opens slowly with a functionless instrumental that can be skipped without fear. Sadly, follow up track ‘New Worlds of Fear’ is also a miss, despite upping the heaviness.

The band are at their best when they sound like they’re having fun, and thankfully, ‘Another Yesterday’ kicks off the record properly. Its a catchy and fun-filled punk rock song that is perfectly weighted in terms of both melody and reckless abandonment.

Follow up ‘Dead in Dreamland’ is another hit. And one doused in a horror-rock sheen that really helps to bring out the band’s creepier aesthetic. While Ramones hit ‘Pet Sematary’ adds even more charisma to the collection. Stephen King would be proud of this horror cult-classic cover.

Closer ‘They’ adds variety to the record with it’s emotional opening, lengthy runtime and extended instrumental section. This is a strong closing track, with frontman Josh Tankerley finally striking an emotive chord on a record short on truly tender moments.

With only eight tracks, it feels as if we are yet to see the best from Energy. A strong mid-point shows that they are a band with great ideas, its just a shame that they took a while get here following a rough start. Despite that,‘Apparition Sound’ does have a nice flow to it. Songs melt into each other well, giving the album an overall feeling of cohesiveness. This is well worth your time if you’re craving a retro-tinged melodic punk rock record that has occasional moments of sheer joy.


‘Apparition Sound’ by Energy is released on February 3rd on Monster Party Records.

Energy links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Joe Philpott (@joe_philpott)


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