Review: Deez Nuts – Binge & Purgatory

Deez Nuts is a name that is very well known throughout the hardcore universe, but in some cases not one that is revered. Doing things their own way and not giving a fuck about who they piss off along the way, the Melbourne bruisers have often divided opinion, which has only served to inspire them to go faster and harder. Hold fire with the judgemtn though; change is afoot and trust us when we say that it’s for the best.

When indulging in ‘Binge & Purgatory’ you’re acutely aware that you’re listening to Deez Nuts, but something feels different. There is something more authentic about this. There are no diss tracks or call outs or offensive moments. Hell, there aren’t even tracks about doing shots at the bar. This is a completely new world for Deez Nuts. There is a feeling of contemplation rather than irritation and an acceptance that the party needed to come to an end to truly progress. They seem to have shed their Jägermeister-stained skin and are brilliantly refreshed because of it.

There’s still snottiness in the form of ‘Break Out’ and ‘Cakewalk’ but there are also some of the hardest riffs the band have ever penned manifesting below sentimentally rousing lyrics on ‘Purgatory’ and ‘Antidote’. It’s a refinement that has worked in Deez Nuts’ favour wonderfully and the rewards for band and listener are endless.

More than anything ‘Binge & Purgatory’ is the sound of progress. No less snarling, battering or irresistibly cocky than their previous output, but with a clearer outlook, Deez Nuts have trimmed away the fat and producedtheir finest and most considered work to date. The world is now their oyster, here’s hoping they use it wisely.


‘Binge & Purgatory’ by Deez Nuts is released on 7th April on Century Media.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)

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