Review: Dave Hause – Bury Me In Philly

Music is at its best when it is pure of heart. When every chord that’s played and every word that’s crooned throughout a song is delivered with such compassion and care, it doesn’t get much better. Dave Hause is the epitome of this type of musicianship. A singer/songwriter who leaves nothing to chance and no stone unturned, the Philly native has carved a career on baring his soul for all to see. Four years on from his last solo endeavour, ‘Devour’, The Loved Ones’ main man is back with another example of why he is one of the best voices punk rock has to offer.

What’s most apparent about ‘Bury Me In Philly’ is how earnest it is in approach. Every song feels like it was crafted with attention to every minuscule detail and nothing has been left to chance. Dave injects a level of humanity many a musician never even gets close to reaching and this makes for a much more engrossing and wholesome album.

From the rousing romance of opener ‘With You’ and patchwork pride of the closing title track, to the beautifully measured country twinges of ‘The Mermaid’ and brutally chilling acoustics of ‘Wild Love’, this is songwriting at its most open. Warming the soul as much as chilling the bones, every song feels like a confession being told to you and no one else. How many other artists can really write music that feels that personal and earnest?

Littered with songs of blossoming loves and devastating lows, ‘Bury Me In Philly’ is punk rock romanticism at its most touching and intoxicating. Voices with the depth and soul of Dave Hause only come around every once in a while. They need to be cherished while they are still around.


‘Bury Me In Philly’ by Dave Hause is released 3rd February on Rise Records.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)

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