Review: Danny Worsnop – The Long Road Home

A country album by Asking Alexandria’s frontman Danny Worsnop. If this doesn’t scream ‘misguided passion project’, then know what does? Putting any pre-conceived scepticism aside, we approached the record with an open mind. Good music is good music after all, and country music can be a powerful and uplifting listening experience, in an overly-earnest Americana sort of way. However, it’s a shame then that this record is a horrible concoction of genre tropes and overused ideas.

Lead single ‘Mexico’ sounds horribly dated. Smothered in clichés, the singer cringes his way through tales of partying with “señoritas” and copious alcoholic beverages. Worsnop is clearly a thirsty man, as many of the songs on this record are about heavy drinking.

‘Quite a While’ adds religion to the record’s long list of tired motifs. ‘Midnight Woman’ is about sex with a woman who leaves in the morning, just in case the subtlety in the title threw you. ‘High’ and ‘I Got Bones’ win the award for best songs on the record, purely for not being too irritating. ‘The Man’ shows a little fire, but it’s way too little too late.

Respect must go to the frontman for making the record he clearly wanted to make. We just hope the listener experience is kept in mind when deviating from his comfort zone next time, as this is an absolute slog to get through.

Worsnop’s vocal work is of a high standard, and it is clear that he has evolved into a very accomplished vocalist, but that doesn’t change the fact that the songs on this record have almost no redeemable qualities. Almost every song has no replay factor, no great hooks, and no new ideas. It is a record only saved from complete and utter embarrassment by the charismatic frontman’s unwavering belief in it.


‘The Long Road Home’ by Danny Worsnop is released on 17th February on Earache Records.

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Words by Joe Philpott (@joe_philpott)


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