Review: Counterpoint – If Not Now, When? EP

On debut EP, ‘If Not Now, When?’, Manchester quartet Counterpoint play out their own modern-day twist on 00s alt-rock. With the help of Jim Pinder (Bullet For My Valentine), their sound encompasses a mix of heavy and synth-driven songs with varying results. ‘Leave It All Behind’ kick starts the EP as it blasts through unrelentingly. Viscerally delivered verses are effectively countered by a driving, anthemic chorus. The addition of gang vocals, a favourite trait used throughout the EP, merely adds to the arena-sized tone.

One favourable element Counterpoint do have is a flair for providing interesting harmonies and textures. For example, ‘Honestly’ takes you on a journey. Subtly exploring unusual chord sequences, thin, atmospheric verses grow with emphasis, giving way to a thick, monstrous chorus of “I pull you up, you pull me under”.

‘Between You and Me’ sees them take things down a darker, more intense route. Maintaining the driving power heard previously, guttural vocals paired with frantic, pounding drums along with the interesting subtle use of electronic keys makes it one of the standout tracks on offer.

‘DownDownDown’ brings a pop-punk vibe as its prominent bass line and uptempo drums are mixed in with an atmospheric breakdown and screamed vocals. It defines what Counterpoint are all about; an eclectic rock band with a knack for big hooks and chugging guitars. On the surface, it is a sound that is reminiscent of late 2000’s Brit Rock.

‘One Sided Conversations’ ends the EP on a somewhat softer, introspective note. Musically, it’s one of ‘If Not Now, When?’’s more accessible moments; simplistic, light verses allow Dominic Lucock’s story to take centre stage before soaring “woah-oh”’s serve as his emotional release.

Counterpoint’s broad mix of elements have come together to make a danceable set of songs. Unfortunately, the sound is conventional. While it has a new and interesting twist at first, it quickly becomes predictable.


‘If Not Now, When?’ EP by Counterpoint is released on 9th February.

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Words by Zoe Walton.

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