Review: Counterfeit. – Together We Are Stronger

“Angry and troubled” were the keywords mentioned by Counterfeit. frontman Jamie Campbell Bower while the quintet were writing songs for their debut full-length ‘Together We Are Stronger’. With a growing profile in the mainstream rock landscape and a dedicated fanbase to push them forwards, this band has threatened to make a lasting impact on anyone who crosses its path.

Without any doubt, anger and trouble play a role in shaping the character of ‘Together We Are Stronger.’ Campbell Bower yells and snarls about death, alienation and living on the edge of reckless abandon like there’s no tomorrow. Whether these tracks reflect the reality of the actor-come-rockstar’s life or is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the Sid Vicious’ of this world isn’t made clear, but tracks like ‘For the Thrill of It’ and ‘Romeo’ certainly live with hedonism at heart.

The band pound out riff after scorching riff with such delight in the primordial power they summon, it’s impossible to not become attached to the raw energy they create. Opener ‘Washed Out’ immediately fires out punky guitar melodies before unleashing a breakdown in its middle section with a groove made to be jumped to. The enthusiasm of the band is present in the tightness of this performance before closer ‘Letters to the Lost’ which ends the record on a slow, sombre tone that we could have done without.

A slower song may enhance the ‘angry and troubled’ sentiment Counterfeit. are aiming for, but where they really excel is making songs fun punk rock music. ‘Together We Are Stronger’ is chock-full of bangers with an undertone of grit in its raw production, giving it a sharper edge and punch with each hook. Angry and troubled it may be, but it’ll leave you grinning.


‘Together We Are Stronger’ by Counterfeit. is out on March 17th via Xtra Mile Recordings.

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Words by Andy Davidson (@AndyrfDavidson)

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