Review: Conveyer – No Future

In an American music scene where beatdown and melodic hardcore bands have become common currency, all one can do to stand out is believe in the words you’re saying, and people will believe in one’s music. Wisconsin quintet Conveyer understand this concept, and prove it on their third full-length ‘No Future.’

Having already made an impression with their past releases Worn Out’ and ‘When Given Time to Grow’, this is the first album to feature new vocalist Danny Adams, who projects his relationships with friends, loved ones and God with an openness that gives ‘No Future’ a degree of catharsis.

Though many of the lyrics detail personal anguish, there’s a level of relatability throughout the eleven tracks for people who have gone through the ache and frustration of a failed relationship. “It took this long to figure out how you stole my confidence… I’ll show you my remains if there’s still room for me in your head,” Adams screams in the opening of lead single ‘The Whetstone’, which he delivers with a raw emotion that places his heart firmly on his sleeve.

Adams’ honesty is complimented by the instrumentation on ‘No Future’. Guitarists Ty Brooks and Jared Evangelista’s melodic tone for lead passages create immersive post-rock soundscapes, before the rhythm section ignite each song by launching into frantic thrash sections and blasts of two-step beatdown riffs a la Expire and Incendiary.

Inevitably, the songwriting process does become a little predictable as ‘No Future’ goes on, but the conviction you can feel in the songs stops them from getting dull. Conveyer present an emotional depth in their lyrics and musicianship that results in a more colourful palette than lots of more straightforward HC bands. Adams sings ‘My only option is believing there’s still hope left for me,’ on ‘Levity’ and clearly, the strength of this record proves there still is.


‘No Future’ by Conveyer is out now on Victory Records.

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Words by Andy Davidson (@AndyrfDavidson)


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