Review: Cane Hill – Too Far Gone

Arriving just 18 months on from their debut album, Louisiana quartet Cane Hill have returned for a second crack at the whip. Having led an apparent “nu-metal revival” on ‘Smile’, ‘Too Far Gone’ sees use their collective and personal experiences produce a record that builds on their previous foundations. Most notably, the realisation of the longterm damage their occasional use of LSD and alcohol could have serves as the spine of what becomes ‘Too Far Gone’.

Although they’ve often denied their nu-metal tendencies, KoRn-esque intensity and Slipknot-inspired blasts suggest Cane Hill have accepted and even embraced, being linked to the once popular genre. The titular track kicks off ‘Too Far Gone’ with a heavy stomp as Elijah Witt proclaims “are you mad you can’t be like me?” ‘Lord of Flies’ chugs along in similar fashion and brings an effective hook to the table. While ‘It Follows’ could easily be mistaken for a KoRn song.

For all their nu-metal charateristics, Cane Hill do explore their possibilies throughout ‘Too Far Gone’. ‘Singing In the Swamp’ is a stirring slab of 90s grunge rock before ‘Erased’ treads along with intimate vocals and an atmospheric bassline. It’s here where Witt’s versatility as a vocal becomes apparent. Alongside ‘Why?’, he impressively executes soaring melodies in front a backdrop of wiry guitars.

Undoubtedly, there is an intensity that threads ‘Too Far Gone’ together. ’10 Cents’ is a thrashing blast as Witt bluntly confesses “all my heroes are dead now”; a realisation of the result of his sobriety. ‘Hateful’ pulsates with a mix of frantic gang vocals and James Barnett’s twisting guitars. While ‘The End’ is carried with a doom-laden cloud over it.

If Cane Hill are aiming to shake off the nu-metal tag, then they’re heading in the right direction. Having been heavily hyped up in the past, they’re gradually living up to their potential. ‘Too Far Gone’ captures a band in a promising transition.


‘Too Far Gone’ by Cane Hill is out now on Rise Records.

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Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)

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