Review: Blood Youth – Beyond Repair

From the ashes of British melodic hardcore outfit Climates rose Blood Youth, conceived by the former’s Chris Pritchard and Sam Hallett, completed by vocalist Kaya Tarsus. Two EPs down, ‘Beyond Repair’ is the trio’s debut full-length and comes with the group having already turned heads aplenty. 2015’s ‘Inside My Head’ was praised for taking Climates’ assault and giving it direction, while 2016 brought ‘Closure’ and further acclaim. Based in Yorkshire, they are the latest in a peculiarly large grouping of bands to feature the titular ‘Youth’.

The truth is that while the connotations of youth may be life, joy and hope, ‘Beyond Repair’ exhibits none of these. Unforgiving, unrelenting, uncompromising; this is a brutish hardcore record. The melodic tag remains, but is easily forgotten amongst the sheer aggression on show – a first listen is exhausting, with barely ten seconds of respite, let alone a track. The band describe the album as ‘sharp hooks and savage riffs’, and the latter emphatically prevails on singles ‘Reason To Stay’ and ‘Making Waves.’

The most current parallel may be drawn with the likes of Beartooth, with whom Blood Youth have toured. Much like the Americans, the Harrogate group’s strength lies in their most feral work. ‘Pulling Teeth’’s staggered pace results in the most crushing moment of all, while Tarsus emits sheer self-anguish on ‘I Remember’: “Building myself back up, but I don’t give a fuck.”

Tuneful elements are hit and miss, the best of which curiously confined to brief flashes, such as the bridge of the well-structured ‘Bless’. The centrepiece choruses are full of zeal, but such is the onslaught of riffs and breakneck verses, those sharp hooks are often blunted.

On ‘Beyond Repair’, Blood Youth demonstrate crushing and brutal melodic hardcore. Consistent in tone without being samey, its onslaught of anger and heartbreak is not subtle – but this level of assuredness is not to be sniffed at in a new band. A superbly heavy record.


‘Beyond Repair’ by Blood Youth is released on 7th April on Rude Records.

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Words by Peter Stewart (@PeteStew_)

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