Review: Blood Command – Cult Drugs

Bands like Blood Command only come around once in a blue moon. The sort of band that brings together so many different types of people to celebrate how good music can be when it is played at its most wild and free. It’s been five long years since the severely underrated and utterly intoxicating ‘Funeral Beach’ first burst our eardrums but, thankfully, the painful wait for a follow-up has been completely worth it. That is because ‘Cult Drugs’ is fucking excellent.

There is so much to love about this record. There’s the unrelenting groove that exists from the moment the unrelenting ‘CTRL+ART+DEL’ bursts into life, all the way through to the irresistibly ridiculous ‘(The World Covered In) Purple Shroud’. There’s the neon stained pop sensibility of the exceptional title track and pumping ‘Quitters Don’t Smoke’. There’s the all-out rock assault nestled in the riveting ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’, righteous ‘Gang Signs’ and skull stomping ‘White Skin Tanned: Teeth’. There’s the band’s utter disdain for barriers and lack of fear in the face of playing the exact music that they want to.

This is what happens when you stop giving a fuck about what everybody else is doing and just do things your way. This is a band at their most confident, most creative and most innovative and it is an absolute joy to behold.

By the time 2017 reaches its climax, you will be hard pushed to find another record that is anywhere near as good as ‘Cult Drugs’. Blood Command have left everybody else completely in the dust with this one. Listen to this album. Love this album. Treasure this album for years to come. You’re an utter idiot if you don’t.


‘Cult Drugs’ by Blood Command is released on 28th April on Fysisk Format.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)

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