Review: aswekeepsearching – ZIA

More than any other genre, post-rock is a style of music that prides itself on getting creative juices flowing. The bare bones of the instrumentation are enough to warm the soul, but it is the extra elements where a band’s beauty really shines. Aswekeepsearching are such a band and in many ways one of a kind. Perhaps the only Hindi post-rock band out there, the follow-up to their debut LP ‘Khwaab’ is a masterclass in creating beauty out of the most unlikely of places.

Though on the surface ‘Zia’ may feel familiar, it is in the intricacies injected into its contents that help aswekeepsearching truly come into their own. Utilising instruments and language that are unique to Hindi culture, alongside the classic post-rock formula, the band add an extra layer of piercing emotion to their already feelings fuelled offerings. Depending on the slow and sultry rather than the loud and brash, the atmosphere created across these 11 tracks is both heartbreaking and life-affirming in equal measures. There are even moments where you can hear the tears streaming down the band’s faces.

More than anything, this is an album designed for you to get lost in. Every single second of music is present to probe deeper into your subconscious and inspire the most vivid of imagery. From the piano led gorgeousness of ‘There You Are’ and building intensity of ‘Sleep//Awake’ through to the absolutely heartbreaking storytelling of ‘Kalga’, ‘Zia’ exists to enrich the mind and ensnare the senses and does so with absolute ease.

Beautifully delicate and perfectly considered, aswekeepsearching have taken a well-worn style and made it completely their own. Using elements that come so naturally to them but feel alien to so many others to bring a unique edge to their engrossing compositions, this is one of the most refreshing and experimental examples of post-rock that you will hear this year.


‘ZIA’ by aswekeepsearching is released on 28th April on Flowers Blossom In The Space.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)

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