Review: As The Sun Sleeps – As Good As Gold EP

From Swindon come As The Sun Sleeps, a pop-punk quartet who now deliver their first ‘proper’ EP with ‘As Good As Gold’. The group spent 2016 seeking to turn heads with the 3-track introduction ‘Never Stars’ and two accompanying videos, and it’s immediately clear that they are not lacking in enthusiasm – not to mention the ability to produce energised and infectiously tuneful songs.

As The Sun Sleeps occupy a rung on the pop-punk ladder somewhere between the earnest musings of The Starting Line and the relentless, we-know-what-we-are racket of New Found Glory. Summery hooks and reassuringly familiar riffing are the order of the day, and ‘As Good As Gold’ finds them to be more than adept at maintaining that order.

Opener and single ‘Beering’’s ode to the memories – or lack thereof – from many a night on the tiles is a remarkably hook-laden, slick and carefree anthem. A straightforward lyrical style characterises the tracks, blunt and to the point here – “Lately I’ve been thinking that I should give up drinking. I’ve made far too many mistakes.”

It also renders ‘Florida’, a defiant defence of hometowns, and finds the band refreshingly self-aware of their reference points and UK pop-punk’s obsession with the States – “I know we’re not from Florida, we don’t surf but we make waves”.

The spiky central riff of the mid-paced ‘What Matters Most’ is effective in its simplicity, and the song further suggests The Starting Line as a key influence – reminiscent of ‘Island’ in its reference to ‘the finer things". The fact that the two weakest tracks on the EP, ‘Forever Sick’ and closer ‘Nothing But Net’ both still pack catchy choruses and are more than listenable, is highly encouraging for an unsigned act.

‘As Good As Gold’ could be the start of something special for As The Sun Sleeps. The accessibility and polish of these five songs promises a group that could one day scale dizzying heights – already confident in their own ability, the potential is there to be harnessed. Very promising.


‘As Good As Gold’ by As The Sun Sleeps is released on 20th January.

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Words by Peter Stewart (@PeteStew_)

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