Review: Alpha Male Tea Party – Health

Alpha Male Tea Party may describe themselves as a “fucking loud instrumental band” but there is so much more to this Liverpudlian trio. After three years of touring second album, ‘Droids’ to much critical acclaim, they have been picked up by Big Scary Monsters Recordings and bring this, their anticipated follow up; ‘Health’.

In today’s market, it is a rarity for an instrumental band to have such success with the usual focus on vocalists, frontmen, poster fodder to build a franchise around. Alpha Male Tea Party don’t have that luxury, instead relying on pure talent and knowledge of their instruments, using them to create something truly inspiring. ‘Have You Ever Seen Milk?’ starts a journey of melody, rhythmic trickery and an all out impressive soundscape that climbs and builds. No vocals are needed to set ‘Health’ on fire with ‘Ballerina’ and ‘The Museum Of Walking’ burning bright with precision and intellect. The instrumentation is without flaw as bass, guitar and drums weave themselves through a barrage of exciting riffs and vast spacious sections that cannot fail to draw you in.

‘Nobody Had The Heart To Tell Him He Was On Fire’ hits with ferocity and bite and although there is an absence of big sing-alongs, at no point does ‘Health’ become anything less than interesting and exciting. As ‘Powerful and Professional’ and ‘Some Soldiers’ thunder on, it’s clear that Alpha Male Tea Party have poured heart and soul into every beat and ‘No More’ sees things come together in a powerful swan song and a fitting end to an album that will surprise and delight.

For many, an instrumental album could be a daunting prospect, for that reason, there are many that will miss out on Alpha Male Tea Party. This is made for the few that really sink their teeth into ‘Health’. It is nothing short of rousing and inspiring, and if this album remains Liverpool’s best-kept secret, that will only add to the allure that is Alpha Male Tea Party.


‘Health’ by Alpha Male Tea Party is released on 23rd June on Big Scary Monsters Recordings.

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Words by Jay Harrison (@Just_Jay_89)

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