Released This Week (21/06/2019)

Just as we recover from the chaos of Download Festival (you can read our full review here), it’s time for another #NewMusicFriday.

Today’s round of releases sees a handful of emerging names stepping up and leading the way. Indie punks Mannequin Pussy return with their third album, ‘Patience’. While The St Pierre Snake Invasion make their long overdue return with ‘Caprice Enchanté’.

Norway’s Bokassa continue to ride a wave of momentum following shows opening for Metallica with the release of ‘Crimson Riders’. Whereas rising UK pop-punks, The Bottom Line deliver their debut album in the form of ‘No Vacation’.

There are also new releases from Coldswell, Seasons For Change, Bad Breeding, Russian Girlfriends, Telethon and more.

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Mannequin Pussy – Patience
The St Pierre Snake Invasion – Caprice Enchanté ( Review/Stream)
Bokassa – Crimson Riders
The Bottom Line – No Vacation
Coldswell – Void Calls (★★★ Review)
Seasons For Change – Petals of Tomorrow (Stream)
Bad Breeding – Exiled
Russian Girlfriends – In the Parlance of Our Times
Telethon – Hard Pop
Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures – Tequila Island
State Faults – Clairvoyant
Vexes – Ancient Geometry

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