Raised Fist Premier ‘Flow’ Music Video

Earlier this month Swedish hardcore punks Raised Fist released their critically acclaimed new album, ‘To The North’, and now to follow it up the quintet have premiered the video for ‘Flow’.

The clip can be viewed below. Alexander “Alle” Hagman from the band passed on the following comment about the video:

“The video illustrates what we feel like music wise and mentally after being away for almost 6 years, surrounded by people wanting to put a lit on our outflow, and hinder the circulation. Instead of making this Hollywood polished “expendables” action video like Friends & Traitors, we wanted a gritty, nasty, disturbing look in the style of the movie “pusher”. Everything to accompany the rough sound and feeling of From The North.“

As announced yesterday, Raised Fist will be playing this years Groezrock festival in in Meerhout, Belgium in early May.

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