Playlist: Sick Joy’s 90s Rock Favourites

On their debut EP, ‘Amateurs’, Brighton via Newcastle trio Sick Joy blend 90s grunge rock guitars with a modern day slickness. Songs such as ‘Senses’ and the previously Already Heard premiered ‘Smiling Shame’ are carried a raw, melodic undertone.

Undoubtedly, the three-piece aren’t afraid to hide their influences with hints of Nirvana, Soundgarden, and the Pixies appearing throughout the four songs that make up ‘Amateurs’. If you’re looking for a contemporary take on 90s grunge rock, then Sick Joy are ones for you.

In the lead up to its imminent release, we asked vocalist/guitarist Mykl Barton to pick out a selection of his 90s rock favourite.
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Pixies – Tame

Technically 1989, but if it wasn’t for this album (‘Doolittle’) most of this list and most of 90’s wouldn’t have happened.

Hole – Doll Parts

The song that got me into Hole and still one of my favourites today. ‘Live Through This’ is a fucking brilliant album.

Sonic Youth – Mildred Pierce

I spent 35 minutes deciding which track from this album (‘Goo’) to pick… says it all.

PJ Harvey – Down By The Water

Probably the best solo artist of the 90’s and of all time. I’m a huge PJ fan.

The La’s – I Can’t Sleep

An amazing underrated album with so many great songs on it. It wouldn’t have mattered which song I picked from the album because they’re all great in different ways.

Jeff Buckley – Last Goodbye

Because one of my favourite memories involves this song playing from my record player. Beautiful album.

Nirvana – Dumb

My favourite Nirvana song, from my favourite album – ‘In Utero’.

Queens of the Stone Age – Mexicola

Have you heard that bass? Fuck!

Massive Attack – Teardrop

The first of many times Massive Attack blew me away.

Nine Inch Nails – March of the Pigs

Nine Inch Nails are in my top favourite bands. If I knew how to work synths or play the guitar a little better, we’d probably sound more like Nine Inch Nails.

‘Amateurs’ EP by Sick Joy is released on 23rd March on SaySomething Records.

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