Playlist: 20 Essential Tour Tracks by Grieving

This past summer we were introduced to Cambridge’s Grieving and their ‘Demonstrations’ EP. If you’ve yet to hear the EP, it offers five slices of impassioned indie-punk that lends itself to turn-of-the-millennium emo/indie rock.

Next week they’re joining cult rockers Tellison for a short run of shows. We recently grabbed a quick work with quartet to find out what tracks they’re going to be playing on the van stereo. Read on to find out about Grieving’s 20 tour tracks…

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Minus the Bear – Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse

Jack: I originally only listened to it because I thought the name was amusing. Turns out it’s a big singalongy banger with cool guitars.

JOHN (timesbytwo) – Big Game Tactics

Jack: Big riff considering it’s basically just one note. James sent me this originally, ended up listening to it 100s of times.

William Tyler – Hotel Catatonia

Jack: WT has got a really good skill for making a big emotional song without words or vocals. I’d also recommend watching this with him in, to hear totally amazing noise coming out of a guitar.

Jawbreaker – Kiss The Bottle

Jack: This one is a classic. I also find it funny that a few people have said James’ vocals sound a bit like Jawbreaker and it’s not a comparison he really likes.

The Weakerthans – Left And Leaving

Jack: I hadn’t actually given a ton of time to The Weakerthans before I was in this band, but I’m glad I got the recommendation. This song is great.

Hot Snakes – U.S. Mint

Matthew: This song encapsulates everything I love about Hot Snakes. Short, fast and intense.

The Antlers – Wake

Matthew: The climax to a truly heart breaking record. It’s not fair to listen to this in isolation so start at the beginning, but wait for this one to tip you over the edge.

Weezer – Only in Dreams

Matthew: Such a banger to end the record on. I would die a happy man if I was part of band that could write something which builds and drops the way ‘Only in Dreams’ does.

Forward Russia! – Twelve

Matthew: The angular guitar, loose drums and discordant vocals are exceptional. Awful, awful song titles. Awful.

Gladys Knight & The Pips – Midnight Train to Georgia

Matthew: A classic. Easily in my top-ten of all time. It’s all about the backing vocals in this one, particularly the overlapping at the end.

Wipers – Mystery

Ned: Man I really like Wipers. Their first three albums are all just total killers. Influential as hell and it’s pretty criminal that they’re not better known.

Mitski – Your Best American Girl

Ned: Sometimes a quiet-loud-quiet-loud Weezer-y song is just what you need, and this is exactly right. Mitski is awesome.

Talking Heads – Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)

Ned: Sure everyone loves ‘Once In A Lifetime’, but for me this track is one of the best. Just listen to that glitch-guitar solo halfway through. An incredible groovy mess.

milo – Salladhor Saan, Smuggler

Ned: Milo’s like a super-literate alt-hip-hop rap guy, I guess. I dig it greatly. The production on this track is killer, and there’s a whole lot of totally nerdy references in his stuff which I also appreciate.

Reuben – Let’s Stop Hanging Out

Ned: Let’s all never forget about Reuben. They’ll always be my go-to band for rocking the fuck out.

Samiam – How Long

James: Could’ve picked pretty much any track off ‘Astray’‘Dull”’’ in particular is another favourite. Samiam have a lot of heart, they’re as much a loud indie-rock band as anything, but they have that anthemic edge that every great punk band revels in. Quiet-loud done right here, that chorus just explodes.

Wolf Parade – I’ll Believe In Anything

James: Just listen, there are your answers. Hyped that they’ve reformed recently and looking forward to the next record.

Ratboys – Charles Bernstein

James: Effortlessly great lo-fi / indie-pop from the US, on one of my favourite labels, Topshelf. Toured the UK recently with Dowsing but the dates clashed with one of our shows and I couldn’t attend. I will make it next time.

Andy Shauf – I’m Not Falling Asleep

James: Andy Shauf is a clever songwriter from Canada who matures further with each record. I think I read something along the lines of “Andy Shauf is never missing the next chord” and that sounds about right to me.

Teksti-TV 666 – Silmat kiinni ja kadet ristiin

James: Totally fallen in love with this Finnish psych-punk band. Five guitarists, huge hooks. Haven’t got a clue what they’re singing about but I still know that they’re the 9th best band in the world.

Grieving will be playing with Tellison on the following dates:

24th The Blue Moon, Cambridge
25th The Exchange, Bristol
26th Pop Bubble Rock!, Manchester
27th The Lexington, London (w/ Doe)

’Demonstrations’ EP by Grieving is out now.

Grieving links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

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