This past September, Petoskey, Michigan post-hardcore band Famous Last Words released their third album – ’ The Incubus’. Like their previous two albums, the record revolves around the concept with ‘The Incubus’ tackling the issue of sexual/domestic abuse through the tale of a 1950’s housewife Christine.

With the album landing in the Top 200, Famous Last Words recently went out on the road with Revival Recordings label buddies The Funeral Portrait. Having ended the tour last week in Dallas, Texas, we spoke to frontman JT Tollas as he picked out a selection of songs that served his soundtrack during the tour.

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The Ghost Inside – My Endnote

Favorite song off this album always listen to this CD from front to back when I drive.

Fit For A King – Pissed Off

The new Fit For A King album is really awesome. Been listening to it every drive shift.

Stick To Your Guns – Universal Language

I was really excited for this EP this was the first single off it and it blew me away.

Comeback Kid – Lower the Line

You can’t go wrong with Comeback Kid. They could’ve made this whole list.

Ocean Grove – Lights On Kind Of Love

I found this band through a sponsored ad on my newsfeed. I was really impressed by this song. Go check the band out.

Oh, Sleeper – Naofumi Mistuhashi

I got to have something from some homies. This EP is great every song on it kills.

Molotov Solution – The Blood Of Tyrants

This album has been out for years and I’m still not tired of it. Great song, great album.

My Ticket Home – Painfully Bored

I wasn’t expecting this band to go this direction but I’m stoked they did. Every song on it kicks so much ass.

City Lights – Breathe

This is such a great pop-punk song with heavy driving bass, upbeat drums and amazing melodies. If you haven’t heard City Lights go and check them out.

NOFX – California Drought

After years of listening to NOFX, their new full-length album is nothing short of a dream come true for any punk fan. It’s honestly hard to pick a favorite song.

Thrice – Blood On the Sand

The old school kings of post-hardcore music made a comeback after years of silence. This was one of their most successful albums to date. Loud crunching bass lines and raw aggressive vocals and drums, a great choice for any post-hardcore fan.

Silverstein – Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

Silverstein is a must for anyone who’s loves great screams, riffing guitars, catchy choruses, and of course the amazing drum parts.

Deadmau5 – Ghosts ‘n Stuff

Okay. So admittedly I actually hate EDM. But something about this song has always just been fun to listen to for me. The progression is such a catchy melody. I don’t know why. I love it.

Every Time I Die – The Coin Has a Say

Every Time I Die are just like everyone’s big brothers in the scene that show them how to be cool. Their latest album (‘Low Teens’) is nothing short of amazing and this song is a great introduction to it. That, and I want to be Andy Williams when I grow up.

The Word Alive – Overdose

This song has so much vibe, it’s ridiculous! The Word Alive has always been a band I kind of just associated with straight up the middle “metalcore” but this song, as much as it definitely has their sound, is a great departure.

Papa Roach – Crooked Teeth

I grew up listening to this band. And admittedly I haven’t loved a lot of their later music, but this song has almost a hardcore edge to it which is interesting when mixed into their vocals and melodies.

Beartooth – Hated

The lyrics of this one are just one of those messages that can’t be overstated. There’s so much hate between people lately that it’s confusing and disheartening. And it’s got an extremely catchy hook. So that doesn’t hurt.

The 1975 – Love Me

Funky. 80s. Poppy. Whatever you want to say it sounds like. It’s just fun to listen to.

Pierce the Veil – Circles

It’s hard for these guys to write a bad song, or even a song that won’t get stuck in your head forever. This chorus comes in and splits the line between heavy and poppy and the result is just an amazing three and a half minutes.

‘The Incubus’ by Famous Last Words is out now on Revival Recordings.

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