It’s been a well-known fact that Philadelphia has been a musical hotbed for the past few years. The Wonder Years, Modern Baseball, Hop Along, The Menzingers, Nothing, and Beach Slang are just some of the names to breakout Pennsylvanian city.

With a rich musical heritage, Philadelphia continues to produce promising new bands with melodic indie rockers Clique being one of the latest acts from the area to be on the rise. Their latest album, ‘Burden Piece’ is a gratifying collection of emotive songs that dwell on the confused, introspective self-doubts of young adulthood.

For this “Playlist” feature, we asked Clique to put together a selection of emerging acts from the Philadelphia area. Read on to see who singer/guitarist PJ Carroll suggested…

In Philadelphia, there are tons of clubs and houses that have shows all the time. House shows don’t really get busted. We were lucky to play Golden Tea House a bunch of times before it shut down. Everybody Hits (Batting Cages by day / DIY show space by night) kinda picked up where they left off. The owner David is the man for having gigs at his business all the time. It’s rad. Anyway I’m sorta rambling here. There are all kinds of cool bands and smaller labels (shout out to Ranch Records). Bands always have the opportunity to make good recordings on a budget because there are a few schools with good recording programs. Philadelphia is pretty great for being in a band.

Mumblr – Sober

We’ve all been seeing/playing with Mumblr for years and they’ve become some of our best friends. They fuckin rock. This jam is off of their first full-length ‘Full of Snakes’. Check out their new album ‘The Never Ending Get Down’ when it comes out too.

Full Of Snakes by Mumblr

Loose Tooth – Skinny Chewy

We toured with Loose Tooth for 10 days last year and it was an awesome time. I also recorded and mixed the album that this song is found on. It’s a real rocker. Look out for their new LP that should be coming out relatively soon.

The Spirit of the Beehive – Natural Devotion

I heard Spirit practicing from outside the little 10×10 practice space at Big Mama’s Warehouse about a month ago and it sounded like a fully produced album. I don’t think you can be a much better band than this. We’ve had the pleasure of playing with them a few times and they always blow my mind. Their new LP comes out on Jade Tree Records sometime later this year.

You Are Arrived (But You’ve Been Cheated) by SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE

Soul Glo – New Humanism

The combination of Ruben’s guitar parts and Pierce’s vocals makes this shit rip. I’d definitely recommend reading their lyrics while listening. It’s really thematically heavy and deals a lot with systematic racism that African-Americans face in the US.

“ ” by SOUL GLO

Gunk – Forms of Torture

I hazily remember drinking beer and sitting down with my housemates and Gunk to listen to this record in Sam’s room at Ranch House. They decided to release it online later that night after making artwork right then. When I checked it out again in a more lucid state I was blown away. This record is fantastic front to back. This is my favorite song on the record. I think it is PJ’s too. It’s a real bummer.

Gunk by GUNK

Sun Organ – Ass Kickin’ Rock’n’Roll

Sun Organ is Tim Jordan from The Spirit of the Beehive’s solo project. He recorded this first album by himself in his room and I ended up mixing it in my room. I remember when I first showed it to Brandon and he was super into it. Every song is great. Definitely been bumped in the van a bunch of times. Our friend Craig Scheihing that made the video for this song also took the photo on the cover of our new record.

Shannen Moser – Horse Heaven

Shannen is an excellent songwriter and singer. I love the short song vibe. Who would’ve thought? She’s performed some backing vocals on both of our records and is a close friend.

you shouldnt be doing that by Shannen Moser

Congenital Death – (Om (All Good Things)

Just saw Connie D play a bunch of their new songs at the Ranch Records Big Gig. They blew my mind. So intense. So loud. Yup. It rips. Groove Grind forever.

Doubles – 740 Turbo

We went on a little weekend tour with Doubles in April and it was a lot of fun. We all jammed out pretty hard on this song. It’ll get stuck in your head.

Mint by Doubles

Kids – Congested

Kids fuckin shreds. Bear is one of our best friends. Party on.


‘Burden Piece’ by CLIQUE is released on May 27th on Topshelf Records.

CLIQUE links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

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