Pariso Set to Split Up and Announce Final 12″

London hardcore group Pariso have announced they are splitting up. However to ease the blow they have released a limited edition 12" through Tangled Talk Records.

‘Pariso’ will be shipped on July 6th. Side A will be made up of new material that the band were working on for their third album. Side B will tye up the bands discography and will consist of material from rare and out-of-print releases.

Osmium Claw
Sleep At The Temple
Straight Hypocrisy
We Three Kings
Cold Venom
Mothers Talons

A statement from the band can be read below.

“We are sad to announce that we are splitting up. There is no big story, fallouts or reasons….we simply always made a promise to ourselves that once it stopped being 100% fun then we would stop. That has now become the case.

"We do however want to see out our band properly. We will be releasing one final 12” (one time pressing of 250 copies), with all preorders going through Tangled Talk Records. It’s available to preorder now.

Side A is comprised of 5 songs/18 minutes worth of new material we were working on for our third album, while Side B ties up our discography with rarities and other material never granted a formal release. We have made it as cheap as possible without compromising our usual approach to our vinyl. If you own all five of our 12"s, you’ll have everything we ever recorded.

We will also be doing one final show, details will be announced in due course. It will be in London and we hope it will be a special occasion.

All our merch is now pay what you want (from 1p + postage!) – – we wont be printing any more merch or doing any final show merch. This is it.

Thank you to Andrej at Tangled Talk for always supporting us and believing in us no matter what, all ex-members and fill-ins of the band for your time and effort, and everyone else that ever gave us a show, a place to stay, appeared on one of our records or helped with a release or anything else in any way. Most of all though – thanks to ourselves for always doing exactly what we wanted, when we wanted, making the music we wanted to hear, travelling to fun places and having a top laugh. It was great.

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