New Heart of A Coward Video (’Hollow’)

With a spot on the main stage at Download set to take place this week Heart of A Coward have given fans the first taster from their forthcoming third album.

The track is called ‘Hollow’ and sees the metallers once again flex their rapid chops with pummelling drums and sharp guitars whilst its melodic chorus hints a somewhat lighter side to their sound. However don’t think Heart of A Coward are going soft as Jamie Graham explains:

“’Hollow’ is the opener for the new record and the shortest, sharpest statement of intent we could make before the Summer starts and we prepare to unleash this beast of an album onto everyone. There’s a little more pace in this song than people will be used to hearing from us…safe to say that’s something that’s stuck across this new record. We cannot wait to show everyone what we’ve been cooking up.”


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