Live Review: We Never Learned To Live, Fall Of Minerva and Earth Moves – Lounge 41, Workington – 07/10/2016

Workington isn’t a town you often see on a bands touring cycle. Nestled deep within the Lake District, it’s a quiet place where not much goes on but on this particular evening three up and coming bands decide to kick start their tour here in one of the towns only dedicated music venues, Lounge 41.

Earth Moves kicked things off while the room was still filling up. This didn’t seem to phase them as they blasted out a set of sludgey tunes that were as heavy as hell. The band are about to put out their debut record and although there were a few teething problems tonight, they’re sure to be making a name for themselves soon enough. (3/5)

Next up and all the way from Italy was Fall Of Minerva. Currently over in the UK for the first time ever they took to the stage quietly before unleashing their brand of emotive hardcore. With little fanfare between songs, the five piece blasted out tune after tune from their most recent release, ‘Portraits’ with energy and an eagerness to impress. (3.5/5)

We Never Learned To Live topped the bill tonight and rightfully so. Drawing heavily from their awesome debut album (‘Silently, I Threw Them Skyward’), the Brighton group showcased their atmospheric, post-rock tinged post-hardcore to a room full of eager listeners. Songs like ‘Twitching With Every Apology’ are an epic journey with twists and turns that are as hypnotic as they are crushing. While this type of expansive and sometimes challenging music isn’t for everyone, it seemed to be sucking in most that were in attendance.

Creeping in through the wall of sound being created, was the bands unique sounding frontman Sean Mahon who glides between a croon and a throat shredding scream effortlessly. Hopefully with a new record in hand, We Never Learned To Live will be making more of an impact on the rock scene in 2017. (4/5)


Words by Shane Sanderson (@shanoscapanos)

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