Live Review: Trivium, Sikth and Shvpes – Rock City, Nottingham – 18/02/2017

Tonight sees the last date of the UK leg of the Trivium tour, which means those in attendance are even more eager to give the band the send off they deserve (and if that means beating London as the best crowd in Britain then that’s a bonus, right?) But first off are two English bands who, despite having almost 10 years difference between forming, are both at the top of their game right now.

Birmingham five-piece Shvpes explode onto the stage with opener ‘False Teeth’. They do a great job of getting the crowd warmed up with their diverse appeal. Songs like ‘Two Minutes Of Hate’ mix the more brutal elements with a large dose of rap, where the almost self titled track ‘Shapes’ shows off a great soaring chorus with a catchy hook. Vocalist Griffin Dickinson is an engaging frontman, whether it’s talking about his and guitarist Ryan Hamilton’s charity head shave, or climbing into the middle of the crowd to instigate a massive moshpit, the audience are never left wanting. (4/5)

Next up are the prog metal / mathcore mash up that is Sikth, who open with post reunion single ‘Philistine Philosophies’. Although most in attendance are probably unaware that this is their second run, the band waste no time with introductions and ‘take you back to 2001’ with ‘Hold My Finger’ and ‘Pussyfoot’ off first album The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Waiting For Something Wild. Rather than trying to talk their way into the hearts of the audience, Sikth instead let the songs do the talking for them. The unusual vocal style of Mikee Goodman and the technical instrumentals go over some heads, but if the cheers and claps are anything to go by they have definitely picked up a new wave of fans. They end their set on arguably their most well known song, ‘Bland Street Bloom’. (3.5/5)

Finally, after an unnecessarily long intro Trivium storm into the room with ‘Rain’. Through out the next hour and a half the band manage to impress both old fans and new, with choice cuts off all seven of their albums. ’Dusk Dismantled’ and ’Throes Of Perdition’ turn the whole room into a mass of bodies, while ’Dying In Your Arms’ and ’Strife’ have the crowd singing at the top of their lungs.

Trivium are veterans of the stage, knowing when to posture and play up to the audience. They have the light show, they have the moves and they have the songs to back it up. Frontman Matt Heafy needing only to say the word ‘sing’ to double the volume of the hundreds of voices already shouting out the words to every song. 

The “biggest reaction all night” award of course goes to the massive ‘Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr’. Left until the end of the set the tired and sweaty masses seem to grasp one last burst of energy before the chants of “Trivium, Trivium” erupt as the band step off the stage. They return moments later for an encore of ‘In Waves’. (4/5)


Words and photos by Carrie-Anne Pollard.

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