Live Review: The One Hundred and Massmatiks – Rock City Basement, Nottingham – 06/05/2017

With their debut album ‘Chaos + Bliss’ set to be released at the beginning of next month, The One Hundred are out on their first ever headline tour. We headed out to the Nottingham date to catch the band at Rock City Basement.

First up are main and only support Massmatiks, who bring their southern geezer charm and in-your-face indie to the slowly filling room. By the looks of the front rows the band already have a steady following here in Nottingham, but are quick to show the rest of us what they are made of. Recent release ‘MEAT’ exudes raw energy, while ‘4AM’ shows the bands more anthemic side.

Vocalist George Peploe demands attention center stage, while the rest of the band deliver punch after musical punch. ‘Independence (A Lack OF)’ has an upbeat pop sound, but Massmatiks never lose their unmistakably British edge. (4/5)

As risers, custom TOH lights and an album art backdrop fill the small stage, the crowd seem to double in size. Those who moments before clung to the edges of the room now eagerly jumping into the fray. 

The One Hundred burst onto the stage with album opener ‘Dreamcatcher’, followed by recently released single ‘Monster’. After a few technical difficulties, the band launch back into their 11 song set. Older material such as the epic ‘Unleashed’ sits side by side with choice cuts off ‘Chaos + Bliss’. An almost 50-50 split between unheard material and released music could have been a risky move, but the crowd enjoyment and energy never wavers. A testament not only to The One Hundred’s material, but also to the fans who have been continuously supporting while waiting for this album.

The band take some of their influence from hip hop from across the pond, but it is songs like ‘Feast’, a blend of metal and grime, that really stand out. Frontman Jacob Field’s unapologetically English vocals blending perfectly to the style. After a lot of banter and the pretence of ‘only one more song left’ the crowd, led satirically by Field, call for an encore. The One Hundred end their set with an almighty boom, finishing with ‘Tale Of Two Cities’ and the instantly recognisable ‘Kingsmen’. (4.5/5)

The clock has barely scraped past 9pm when the lights go up to reveal the hordes of sweaty, happy fans, eagerly rushing the band as they mingle with the room. Tonight may have only been two bands and a few hours long, but it has definitely been a picture perfect example of ‘quality over quantity’.  In a scene where it’s fast becoming the norm to make fans pay extra just to meet their favourite bands, it’s refreshing to see both The One Hundred and Massmatiks remain grounded and remember what matters the most. The fans. 


Words and photos by Carrie-Anne Pollard

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