Live Review: Mallory Knox, Natives and Evarose – Academy 3, Manchester – 22/04/2013

imageOne band who have certainly gained a massive amount of new fans since the release of their highly rated first full length album ‘Signals’  would be Mallory Knox. Tonight the band have brought along two other UK bands to play to a sold out Manchester Academy 3 crowd.

First up tonight are the Banbury all girl band Evarose, who come on stage to what is an already packed out room. Playing their way through songs like ‘Best Left Alone,’ ‘Change’ and ‘Cough It Up’ all showcase the catchy guitar hooks and sweet vocals of front woman Dannika Webber. The band really settles into their set, singing the wrong verse on one song, playing through an older one, and getting the crowd to sing along all make the set unique and enjoyable. Tonight they have showcased some great catchy tracks and have no doubt picked up many more fans and with a headline tour to come later this year there are bigger things to come for the girls. (4/5)

A band that has started a fresh, not only changing their name but also sound as well to a more pop rock sound it’s Natives. And the band is on full form tonight and pulls in an impressive crowd who pack out the venue to listen to some well executed pop rock. Songs like the infectious chorus filled ‘This Island’ have the crowd bouncing up and down and loving every minute. As the band get into the full swing of their set frontman Jim commands the room with ease and soon enough has the crowd moving along to the guitar filled song ‘Big Plans.’ For a band who have been away for a while and come back with a new name, tonight just shows the fans are still there and loving every moment of the new music. (4/5)

Last up are the boys in Mallory Knox. As the lights go down and everyone moves forward, the guys come onstage and the riff to ‘Wake Up’ blasts out and the crowd goes crazy. The band bring plenty more big riffs as the super catchy song ‘Beggars’ is played and the dual melodic vocals of front man Mikey Chapman and bassist Sam Douglas are shown off. Slowing things down mid-set to play the slow and lyrically emotion filled ‘1949’ it show’s they can do soft and sombre just as well as the big rock choruses. Older songs are played during the set like ‘Oceans’ and ‘Resuscitate’ which bring even more big riffs and choruses. You can tell the band is totally shocked and amazed by the response from the crowd tonight. After each song they all look surprised and can do nothing but thank the crowd, who in return go crazy for the band singing and bouncing along. The band finishes the set on a perfect note by playing the massive anthem ‘Lighthouse’ and as soon as the intro riff kicks in the whole crowd is bouncing and up off their feet.

If tonight shows anything it is that Mallory Knox are onto something truly special and with tonight being only the first date of the tour the band can expect plenty more nights like this to come. (5/5)


Words by Aaron Wilson


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